Salon Services:


Women's blowdry $30 - $35


Women's cut  $35


Women's cut & blowdry $55


Up-Do  $65 and up


Brides $70 and up


Extensions available by consultation


Children (12 and under) $15 and up


Teen Girls cut and blow $40-45


Teen Boys $15-$20


Bang Trim  No Charge


Men's cut $20


Set $22.50

Color Enhancements


Fullhead of Foils, cut & bd $130 and up


1/2 Head Foils, cut & bd $110 and up


Cap Highlights cut & bd $100


Color/cut/blowdry $85


Color & cut (no blowdry) $65


Color & blowdry (no cut) $65


Perm $85 (long hair $90 and up)


Color For men w/ cut $50 and up


Cap Highlights for men w/ cut $55 and up


**All prices subject to change without notice**


Eyelash Extensions:

Classic Full Set $150

Classic Set One Week Fill $30

Classic Set Two Week Fill $50

Classic Set Three Week Fill $70

Classic Set Four Week Fill $90




Spa Services:


Natures  Custom Express Facial

 A refreshed and revitalized look is achieved by the basic steps of skin-care. A cleanse with steam, exfoliation, extractions if necessary, and a mask suited to your skin type.  Always finished with a relaxing massage. The skin is clean, glowing and in good form.



** Good choice for first time facial clients, good for all skin types **

Natures Deluxe Facial

This facial  gives your skin a refreshing boost. It not only cleanses and hydrates your skin, but also releases facial tension leaving you with a healthy, radiant glow. 



Hydra Advance Facial
This replenishing and hydrating treatment is our solution to quench thirsty skin and combat dehydration. A combination of hyaluronic acid and patented Boletus extract reactivates the natural hydration levels to reveal a more youthful complexion. Moisturizing serums with ultra nourishing massage cream and mask restores skins naturals softness and suppleness. 





Please note that to ensure maximum results with waxing, the hair must be at least 1/4 inch long. Also anyone taking accutane or using retinol (including Proactive) should avoid waxing due to skin sensitivities. 


Eye Brow Shaping $13    Brow lip & chin $20              

Lip or Chin  $8                     Full face $25

Half Arm $20  

                                              Full Arm $30

Basic Bikini$20  

                                               French Bikini $25

Lower Leg $25

                                               Upper Leg $30

Full Leg $50 

                                               Underarms $16

Back or Chest $35+

Eyebrow Tint $15                Eyelash Tint $20

Tips to ensure Maximum results when waxing:

-Gently exfoliate and moisturize the area being treated the day of your service. Clean smooth skin waxes best.

-Avoid excess sun exposure or indoor tanning 24hrs prior to your appointment to avoid irritation.

-Try to avoid touching the area or applying makeup & or creams.

Eyebrow Microblading:

What is microblading? Microblading is a way of semi permanent make up, where through manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of the skin it creates the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years depending on skin type and skin care routine.

Consultation 30 mins $50 **if microblading is done or booked at this appointment, this will go towards the microblading cost**

Microblading Procedure 2 hrs $450

6 Week Touch Up $50


Annual Colour Boost 1hr $150

**Upon booking a deposit is required**

The ULTIMATE Facial 


This Facial is simply the Cadillac of all facials. it combines the cleaning power of a Medi-peel with the results of the Anti Aging Facial. Basic cleansing, toning, and exfoliation are included. (Extractions optional) A skin specific serum is massaged into the entire face, eye, neck, and delicate areas. To top it all off, an extended Scalp massage while enjoying a luxurious foot massage during your mask treatment. Clients are encouraged to enjoy a herbal tea or cappuccino after the 

appointment, or just to take the rest of the day off for themselves.



** Great for anyone, at any age who just wants to be refreshed and relaxed **




Manicures & Pedicures:


Pedicure -

Includes nail and cuticle work, heel maintenance, foot/leg massage and a polish of your choice. $45 ( Senior  or Teen $40 {ADD $5 for Polish})

Nature`s Spa Pedicure -

Includes nail work, heel maintenance, exfoliation, deep cuticle conditioning, extended foot and leg massage, scrub and hot paraffin treatment.

and the polish of your choice. $55

Men's Sport Pedicure

Nail and cuticle work, tea tree exfoliation, heel maintenance, a deep foot, ankle and leg massage, finished with a hot towel and refreshing foot spray.  Great for overworked and tired feet. $40

Men's Deluxe Pedicure $50

MEN-icure -

Nail Maintenance, hot towel hand softening, cuticle conditioning and maintenance, deep wrist and hand massage. $23


Manicure -

Nail shaping, and resurfacing, hot towel hand softening, cuticle work, massage and a polish of you choice. $25  or French $28 


Natures Spa Manicure -

Nail shaping, and resurfacing, hot towel hand softening, cuticle work, massage, scrub, hot paraffin treatment and the polish of your choice. $35 


Add Paraffin to any serivice for $10


Polish Change

Feet: $12                                                                 Shellac: $35  (or as an add-on $15)

Hands: $12 (includes filing of edges)                 French Shellac: $40J
Jazz it up with jewels : $14


Spa Packages:

Package #1 Spa Mani/Pedi

Enjoy this spectacular hand and foot overhaul with an extra long massage and paraffin wax treatment, for ultimate relaxation and the softest hands and feet   


Package #2 "Flow"ing Locks 

An intense conditioning treatment that instantly replenishes moisture into the hair to repair damaged areas and restore the strength of your hair, followed by a blow out of your choice; volume galore or smooth! This package is wonderful for dry brittle or damaged hair and can be added to any spa package.



Package #3 Nature's Deluxe Spa 

Includes a manicure and pedicure with polish of your choice, a custom deluxe cleansing facial with a skin analysis to determine which facial treatment is best suited to leave your skin radiant and healthy and a take home referral for an at home regimen followed by a brow shaping















We offer various levels of makeup applications from casual to formal, and of course bridal.  Please visit us for your complimentary consultation.


Make up Application $45 +                            Make up lesson $40                                        


Bridal make up $45 +                                    Make up lesson w/ application $70        


Full Lashes  $25



**Registered Massage Therapy**

30 minutes: $45
45 minutes: $70
60 minutes: $85
90 minutes:  $125

            **RMT Prices include tax**

For hot stones add an extra $15.00
Ear Piercing
Free ear piercing with the purchase of a wide selection of inverness earrings.
Prices rage from    $20 +

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